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Passive House Principles

There seems to be a gradual shift in interest towards homes and businesses that are more energy efficient. In order to achieve a high performance building there are a few principles to consider, both for new and existing builds. Passive House (passivhaus) principles are considered to have the most stringent rules for high performance buildings.…

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Overcoming Draughts

Air leaks around the home are the cause of the annoying draughts (drafts), which can create an uncomfortable space in your home. Draughts commonly enter into homes from windows and doors, even when they are closed. These inferior products allow; air, heat, sound, dust and dirt to easily pass inside. This occurs when the window…

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Acoustic glass

Overcoming Noise Issues

When looking to sound proof your home, it is essential to know that sound travels through everything. Sound will therefore be coming into your home through your roof, walls, floor and also your windows. Sound is a form of energy and is caused by molecules vibrating together. These vibrations are known as sound waves. The…

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Are Your Windows Killing You?

You’d never think that the windows in your home could be harmful. But you’d be surprised to know that your home’s windows can be doing more harm than good. That’s why it’s necessary to examine your windows for potential risks and even consider replacing them. If you’ve ever noticed condensation on your windows on cold…

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About Thermal Performance of Windows

Many people are becoming more conscious about the thermal performance of their homes, and how that can impact the value of their home, along with the rising gas and electricity prices. It is essential to ensure your house performs well, both in the summer and winter to maximise savings. Two significant factors to consider to…

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What is argon gas?

In a double glazed system, the performance of the glass can be significantly increased with the use of a pressurised argon gas cavity. As you may already be aware, a double glazed system has two panes of glass separated by a cavity. Unless argon gas is specifically requested, most glazing companies will provide you with…

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Importance of Low-e Glass?

When considering double glazing it is important to determine the best glass type to suit your needs. One essential glass type to consider is called low-e. The ‘E’ in Low ‘E’ refers to ‘emissivity.’ Emissivity is the ability of a material to radiate energy. So when glass has low emissivity, it emits low levels of…

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What does double glazing do?

Double glazing has many benefits, and there is a real science behind how well it performs. Some systems will perform better than others, however what is outlined below will be common through all double glazing systems. Firstly, double glazing will reduce noise. Different sounds travel at different frequencies. When a sound is emitted and meets…

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