Oknalux has a wide range of internal and external doors, both for residential and commercial purposes.

Frames are available in uPVC, aluminium, wood, and a composite wood aluminium. Oknalux doors are aesthetically designed and developed by advanced technological systems, and style can be enhanced by our huge profile colour range. We also have an extensive glass range and the possibility to have infill panels instead of glass units, for a unique design. All door systems are equipped with a durable frame structure, and with multi-locking hardware for safety and added burglary protection. Doors also have rubber seals for a tight seal when closed, blocking draughts.

Our door styles are separated into three categories; casement, sliding and bi-fold.

The casement doors consist of ‘standard internal’, featured external ‘entry doors’ and double casement ‘French doors.’

Our sliding door range consists of a door with our signature tilt feature in our ‘tilt and slide’ door, along with our luxury ‘lift and slide’ door which can open to very large widths.

Our ‘bi-fold’ door available in aluminium and timber, is able to fold back to open to large opening widths.

Entry Doors

Oknalux entry doors are a perfect combination of modern design and technology, with thermal properties to match. Our doors are available in four frame types; uPVC, aluminium, wood and a composite wood and aluminium system. All frame types are highly durable, with unmatched levels of security from multi-locking hardware, making them ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

entry doors oknalux
french doors oknalux

French Doors

Our French doors combine new technologies with modern design. With high quality hardware, doors are able to open singly or simultaneously to 180°. Our doors are available in four frame types; uPVC, aluminium, wood and a composite wood and aluminium system.

Sliding Doors

Oknalux offers two different sliding door options which both work in a unique ways, to create a completely draught proof system. Our tilt and slide door has high quality hardware; which allows the sash to separate from the frame to open, and can also tilt to allow air flow, while still maintaining security in the home. Our Lift and Slide (HS) door works like a conventional sliding door, but is designed so it can span huge openings, carry large glass sizes and prevent air flow when closed.

sliding doors oknalux
bi fold doors oknalux

Bi-Fold Doors

Our innovative thermally efficient folding doors, enable customers to open up large areas with ease. The high quality hardware aid usability and long lasting durability of the system. Frames are available in both Aluminium (MB-70HI) and Timber (Softline).