The Best Windows

Oknalux strives to provide customers with the highest quality products on both the Australian and New Zealand markets. In Australia, aluminium framed windows are the most commonly used frame system, for both domestic and commercial purposes. Aluminium frames allow for a quick assembly, have low maintenance, high durability, a sleek stylish aesthetic, and generally come at a low cost.

However, most aluminium frames do not perform well thermally, because metals have a high thermal conductance allowing heat to pass through easily. Unlike standard aluminium windows, Oknalux only provides thermally-broken frames and sashes. This means that the aluminium on the internal and external are separated, or broken-up in some way. Our frames are broken up in two ways; firstly with a PVC core between the aluminium profiles, and secondly with inserts of foam insulation within the frame. These features increase the overall thermal performance of the window and lowers the u-value. Oknalux frames are also completely draught proof with the use of special rubber seals which prevent airflow, when closed.

Our aluminium windows are able to be used for domestic and commercial purposes, and even high-rise facades. All come with unmatched security, durability, thermal performance, and noise reduction. We offer 3 different frame types, and in hundreds of powder coated colours, including natural wood-like textures.

Oknalux can also provide customers with internal double glazed windows, which are generally used for commercial offices. These are the only aluminium windows which are not thermally broken.