Energy Saving

The use of double glazing in your home will make a dramatic difference both in energy savings but also with noise reduction. No need to keep blinds or roller shutters closed, when you can allow large amounts of sunlight into your home giving a real sense of space and brightness that can really enhance your Adelaide home.

The benefits of double and triple glazing are not limited to only the winter conditions, but rather all year round. The additional layers of glass and cavity between, act as further insulation from external factors and reduce heat transfer through the glass. It is said to improve thermal resistance by 94% depending on glass selection. This means heat from the sun is blocked in summer keeping your space cool, and in winter heat is blocked from escaping the space keeping you warm.

Our windows are completely draught proof as a result of the use of rubber seals instead of brush seals, which create a tight system when closed, stopping air and heat flow through the window sashes.

In addition to these features, all our frames are multi-chambered, multi laminated and thermally broken, depending on frame section. This means that the frames are high performing and have structural rigidity reducing heat transfer through the frame. The use of a high performing frame is essential to a high performing window system as the frame is just as important as the glass selection.

With the combination of high performing glass, frames and seals, you will limit the amount of heating and cooling that is required to keep a comfortable temperature in your home. Save up to 80% on your heating and cooling bills by replacing your single glazed windows to double glazed.

Noise Reduction

Adelaide, along with many Australian cities are growing fast, and high density living is on the rise. This results in an increase in street noise levels which can travel great distances depending on the frequency.  For many people, the simple pleasure of a quiet evening at home no longer exists.  The increase in noise pollution in a residential area can significantly affect your comfort, property value and ultimately your health.

When trying to sound proof your home, it is essential to know that sound travels through everything. Sound will therefore be coming into your home through your roof, walls, floor and especially your windows.

Windows are generally the weakest part of the home for sound proofing, as they act as the path of least resistance. This is especially true if your windows do not seal properly. It is also important to know that, the thicker the frame is, the more sound it will reduce. In the same way a thicker glass will reduce more sound, and a wider cavity between the glass will also reduce the sound.

Replacing your existing single glazed windows and upgrading to Oknalux argon gas filled double glazing, will add a significant amount of insulation to your windows, reducing the sound waves entering in your home. A Huge 34- 45 decibel (dB) reduction in perceivable sound can be achieved deepening on glass selection. Higher decibel reduction is achieved with the use of sound reduction glass and a wider cavity between the glass.

Safety and Durability

Oknalux has the safest and most and secure window range in Adelaide, and possibly all of Australia. Our window and door systems are equipped with the award winning multi locking MACO hardware which are known for their durability and safety all around the world.  

When the handles on both windows and doors are turned to the lock position, the sash releases the multi-locking hardware which attaches tightly to the window frame, locking it securely in place. Windows are also equipped with anti-burglary fittings which are a blockage in the frames to prevent the sash being lifted and tampered with externally, even when the window system is open in the tilt position. As a separate security solution, window hardware can even be fitted and hidden internally in between the window and sash, for an added aesthetic design.

In addition to the high quality fittings, all our frame selections are made from the highest quality materials and have structural stability, from both construction methods and extensive laboratory testing. We offer uPVC, aluminium and timber frames along with an aluminium and timber combination, which are all rated to the Australian climate.

Our uPVC frame range is our best value range with supreme performance in durability, safety, energy efficiency and sound reduction, at an affordable price. Profiles are 100% recyclable, multi chambered and also equipped with a steel reinforcement in the frame and sashes, for increased stability. Frames are available in many colour options and will not fade, warp, chip or peel but retain the original properties and shape. Surprisingly, our uPVC windows will not burn due to the inherent flame retardant properties, which do not support combustion. The steel reinforcement and self-extinguishing properties means that uPVC windows are rated to high bushfire zones, and classified up to BAL-29.