Intelligent System for Tilting and Closing Windows

With technology continually evolving, a modern solution is to control your windows with our smart systems which are integrated with our MACO hardware. Provide additional security with the ability to open and close your windows with ease from a phone or tablet, even from another room.

A Self-locking Door System

Oknalux also offers innovative systems such as fully automatic doors. A magnet, installed on the hook, locks the door automatically when the door has been closed. This feature can also be integrated with a control system such as a fingerprint scanner, keypad or key card.

Link the System with Heating and Cooling

In addition, these smart window and door systems can be synchronised with your heating and cooling, where-by opening the window may simultaneously switch off the heating system.

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Secure Your Home – TAHOMA

Smart solutions that allow the control of heating and cooling systems, lighting, along with roller shutters may decrease heating bills by 20-30 percent.* Intelligent home solutions are slowing gaining traction and becoming more evident in people’s homes.

TaHoma Somfy automation is one solution that improves functionality, removes the worry and assists with energy efficiency. This is achieved by integrating various systems and controlling the time they are turned on, or opened, even when away from your home.

*according to Somfy’s company data, 2016

How Does It Work?

TaHoma offers a simple and user-friendly interface to manage the systems. All can be controlled with a computer, tablet or smartphone. After connecting and powering on the TaHoma router to your personal Wi-Fi router, the system will automatically configure the necessary settings. After setup, it is easy to control the system through an internet browser or mobile app (IOS, Android).

For further information about this product search ‘TaHoma Somfy’.

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Comfort in Usage and Access Control

blueSmart from Winkhaus allows for access control to the rooms online. A system that is perfect for managing many commercial practices, such as; office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports and countless others.

It is an electronic system of cylinders opened with a key. It is based on new wireless technology where data exchange takes place by a virtual network, which determines who will receive authorised access, when and for how long.

When the user puts the key next to the reader or inserts it into an electronic cylinder, data exchange occurs granting access to rooms, recording of door use, battery status notifications and many others. Any organizational changes may be entered into the system with a few clicks. This smart solution combines the advantages of offline and online systems, making the building operation more comfortable and cost-effective.

How Does It Work?

blueSmart operates via a virtual network. The electronic components of the system communicate with one another wirelessly and offline. As a result, system-related commands are updated quickly and easily. The system is also easily installed and does not require wires like most electronic solutions and compatible with existing systems like alarms.

With virtual transmission of information, manual programming can be eliminated. The administrator enters authorization for individual users on a central computer. Lost keys may be blocked at any time and new access schemes may be entered.

For further information about this product search ‘blueSmart Winkhaus’