Creating Comfort

Oknalux Pty Ltd, specialises in the distribution of one of the most energy efficient doors and windows on the Australian market. Oknalux has recognised that there is a growing importance on energy efficiency and noise management in and around our homes, and we are continually exploring new and advanced technologies in the building and construction industry. People are frustrated with rising electrical bills, continual street noise and poor quality products. Oknalux endeavours to combat these frustrations with high performing products unknown in the Australian market. Unfortunately, Australia tends to follow behind other countries in regards to new technologies and trends, and we have a vision to make them available to Australians.

Oknalux has the largest range of window and door solutions with many frame and glass types, along with commercial façade systems. With the largest range, we have an advantage over our competitors because we provide open and honest recommendations, which are tailored to the customer’s needs. In comparison, other companies are biased to their own products, criticising other products that they cannot produce,
to deter clients.

Partnered with the Best

In order to provide to the Australian market, Oknalux has formed contracts with large reputable companies, who share a similar vision of creating comfort to their customers. One of the largest companies we have partnered with is Drutex S.A., who is the largest window and door manufacturer in Europe, specialising in double and triple glazing. Drutex have a huge reputation working in the building industry for over 30 years, winning many awards. They are continually developing and expanding into new territories with the use of new technologies.

technologically advanced

Technologically advanced products

Drutex S.A. manufactures only the highest quality, innovative and technologically advanced products. The company has a capability of producing over 8,000 windows a day and is continually growing. Every Drutex product and component is designed, built and tested in their state-of- the-art factory. They have their own research and development department, design department and testing laboratory. Drutex produce top-quality A-grade window and door profiles, glass and roller shutters which are used both domestically and commercially. Oknalux is proudly distributing Drutex products all over Australia, providing customers with the best performing, highest quality and the lowest u-value products.

Quality and reliability

Our other large supplier is Jackmeister, which specialises in the production of blinds, pleated blinds and also shutters since 1990. They have expanded their market, and created their own production of pleated blinds ‘Plisylux.’ This has become the most selected system by consumers in Poland, and also many parts of Europe. Jackmeister offers almost 400 designs of pleated fabrics and nearly 20 different colour profiles. When selecting new suppliers and companies to cooperate with, their priority is quality and reliability. As a result, customers get the highest quality products that meet the requirements of all certificates and strict standards.

quality and reliability
unmatched performance

Unmatched Performance

Oknalux doors and windows out-perform the competition in performance. All our window and door systems are complete with; durable frame structure, rubber seals for draught-proofing, multi-locking hardware for safety, and glass units which reduce high levels of sound and also reflect damaging sun rays. All these factors greatly contribute to saving you money on heating and cooling costs, as the properties are beneficial both on hot and cold days.

Variety of Products

In addition to high performing windows and doors, Oknalux also specialises in other products like; roller shutters, blinds, façade systems, smart-home options and flyscreens.

Roller shutters add additional security to your home, and the modern shutter system guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation, with the possibility incorporate a ‘smart’ system to respond to weather changes.

In association with Plisylux, blinds are available in a wide range of styles and fabrics, and are custom made to fit windows and doors of various types and sizes, with the ability to also be used in arches and obscured angles.

Our architecturally designed, durable aluminium frame profiles are capable of creating multi-storey façade systems which can hold large window sizes. Similar profiles can be joined to create an entire glass room much like a conservatory.

The smart systems allow users to control doors, windows and shutters with ease while adding increased security and potentially saving money on energy costs, depending on the system.

Oknalux also have a large range of custom made flyscreens to match any window or door style. Our flyscreens are weather resistant and available in; fixed, hinged, sliding, retractable and pleated.

Our Main Focus

The main focus of our company is to provide professional and innovative solutions at competitive prices. We are continually developing to provide new innovative solutions, offering considerable time and money savings. We want our customers to not only experience savings, but also a friendly and professional service.