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Energy Saving

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Noise Reduction


Safety and Durability

The external roller shutter is made of aluminium, and is available in various shades of the RAL palette and wood-like colours.

The armour is made of aluminium profiles and is filled with a polyurethane foam, which is rolled inside the box fitted on the wall. The box constitutes as decorative element and matches the aesthetics of the build.


  • Protection against the sun, wind, rain, snow and other weather conditions
  • Guarantee perfect thermal insulation of the building, in summer and winter
  • Increased energy savings by lessening heating and cooling needs
  • Sound reduction from external elements
  • Guaranteed safety, due to locking systems delaying potential burglary time
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Optional Smart/ Intelligent control
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Possibility to incorporate a mosquito net for protection against insects
  • A wide range of colours are available to enhance any style of home
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
aluminium roller shutter

The external roller shutters are available in three box types;

SK 45 (45° Box Taper)

Box Height: 137, 165, 180 mm

SP (90° Box Concealed/Recessed)

Box Height: 137, 165, 180 mm

SKO (Oval Box)

Box Height: 139×145, 167×171, 182×190 mm

The access to the box for both the 45° and Oval roller shutters are from the front, and access to the recessed box is from bottom which allows to build it in.