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Energy Saving

The use of double glazing in your home will make a dramatic difference both in energy savings but also with noise reduction.

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Noise Reduction

Huge 34- 44 decibel (dB) reduction in sound depending on the applied glass packages.


Safety and Durability

Oknalux has the safest and most and secure window range in Adelaide, and possibly all of Australia.

Advanced Technologies

Oknalux competitive advantage is that our windows are made with advanced technology, of the highest quality and the lowest u-value in Australia. Most of the components are made by the same company (with no middle person) using the most advanced technology. That is why we can offer our clients the best quality product on the market for the most competitive price.

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What Our Customers Say


Oknalux Pty Ltd, Specialises in distribution of the most energy efficient products for the best price. We have discovered state-of-the-art technologies which are available on the worldwide markets, and make them available on the Australian market.

Oknalux strives in ‘Creating Comfort’ for their customers through energy efficiency, noise reduction and safety from their products.

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