Customize Your Home with Elegant Plantation Shutters

Our luxury plantation shutters are fully customized to fit your home and your style for any window shape or design

Our plantation window shutters offer the perfect balance between elegant designs and comforting shade. Not only do they come in various styles and colors, but they are fully customized to enhance the beauty of your home.

With automated use, you can cultivate the perfect environment in your home with just the right amount of natural light. Whether you want romantic ambiance or bright sunshine, creating the home of your dreams has never been easier.

The Highest Quality for Your Home

Your home is your castle, so you should only use the highest quality materials to upgrade. Our plantation shutters offer:

  • Durability to last
  • Numerous styles to select from to create a unique aesthetic
  • Customization to fit any home, any window, any shape
  • Luxurious materials that are of the highest quality on the market
  • Automation for easy use without getting up from your comfortable seat
  • Superior energy efficiency to save you money on your bills
  • Options to have Bi-fold, Sliding or Casement Shutters


Aesthetic Looks

Aesthetic looks, easy operation and safe for children and pets

Specially crafted for your home

Specially crafted for your home and designed for long term performance and value

high impact resistant

Utilising high impact resistant materials shutters remain strong and durable for years to come

Resistant to scratching

Resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking, fading, staining and heat damage

Woodlore products

“Woodlore” products are made from sustainably engineered wood grown and processed in Australia

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation

Invisible tilt louvres

Option to have “invisible” tilt louvres

full waterproof shutter

Option to have a full waterproof shutter, perfect for wet areas

Available in many colour options

Available in many colour options and 5 Louvre sizes from 47mm to 114mm

5 Year Warranty

Supplied with 5 Year Warranty

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  • World’s best-selling shutter
  • Eco friendly wood composite shutter with specialised coating for additional safety and durability
  • Environmentally safe. Exceeds the most stringent international safety standards
  • Unbeatable value

Woodlore Plus

  • Advanced strength, technologies and options. It’s Woodlore but more
  • Made with high-grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) for maximum strength
  • Reinforced wood stiles, rails and mounting frames
  • Wider panel sizes, more colour options and tougher when compared to Woodlore range
  • Waterproof option. Great for bathrooms, kitchens or laundry areas


  • Our entry level hardwood shutter range
  • Made from 100% hardwood using premium quality timbers
  • Reinforced wood stiles, rails and mounting frames
  • Large panel sizes, many colour options and very durable
  • Ability to be used in various specialised shapes


  • 100% premium hardwood shutter, luxuriously grained and durable
  • Sustainably sourced from reforesting timber plantations
  • Over 50 elegant paint and stain options
  • Hand sanded for the finest finish
  • Large panel sizes to create more open views
  • Excellent weight and strength ratio wood and naturally elegant


  • Our highest class and finest hardwood shutter
  • 100% premium selected eco-friendly hardwood
  • Made with 30% more wood than Normandy. For the most robust and widest panel sizes
  • Painted with 30% more paint than Normandy and more hand sanding for the ultimate finish
  • Features our invisible Easy Tilt Louvers for best usability and aesthetics
  • Concealed invisible hinges with a satin finish for the ultimate contemporary look
  • Over 50 elegant paint and stain options


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