Oknalux has the highest quality of uPVC, Aluminium and Wooden windows in Adelaide.

Our windows are a combination of modern technology, comfort, visual excellence and functional reliability. The comfort of double glazed windows which has been available in many countries in Europe, UK, Canada and USA for many years is now available to our Australian customers.

With the advanced technology used to manufacture our windows it is possible to produce affordable windows of all shapes and different combinations, that means we are able to compose windows which will correspond to the external facade and & interior décor of the home to the expectations and ideas of our clients.

All three types of woodwork are nearly the same when it comes to its usage. They do have similar coefficient of heat transmission, the same functional capabilities, each type of the window is equipped in virtually the same type of fittings as well as window pane package of double or triple glazed glass.

An ultimate decision is merely dependant on the customer’s taste and individual preferences.

uPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows are combination of innovation, functionality, and perfect energy-saving solutions with a sophisticated elegant design. Our windows can be rectangular, triangular, round, trapezoid, arc and limited almost solely to the customer’s requirements. Snow-white profile and wide range of colours complements the customer’s ideas of the perfect window, which is a response to the latest architectural trends.

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Awning/Outward Opening

Oknalux has an elegant uPVC external opening window system with unmatched performance and functionality called Iglo Premier. Iglo Premier frames are used for all external opening style windows, and is particularly popular as an awning window. The premier frame is used for outward opening top hinged awning windows, and side hinged outward opening casement windows. Premier frames have a modern design, high performance characteristics along with unmatched security from a multiple locking system and internal glazing beads.

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Aluminium Windows

We offer our clients a wide range of modern aluminium profiles and styles which are available to delight the most demanding of customers. With the application of modern aluminium systems we are able to perform architectural elements both inside and outside. We offer our clients a wide range of patterns and colours to be able to match the aluminium profiles to the architecture of any building.

Timber Windows

Timber windows are created for those who appreciate the elegance, beauty and functionality of the woodwork. Timber windows are definitely and investment in the highest quality, ecological solutions and above all unbridled aesthetics. Only the highest quality materials are used, such as three-layer squared solid pine, larch and meranti wood. The result is timeless beauty and highest level of elegance.

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The Wood and aluminum ‘Duoline’ system is an expression of innovative solutions offering the perfect combination of aluminum and the aesthetics of wood. Duoline is characterised by the classic shape of aluminum edges, typical for modern constructions and the latest trends in architecture.

Colonial Bars

Oknalux has a variety of different colonial bar styles in many different colours to suit any classical or modern design, creating a stylish aesthetic. Colonial bars are sometimes referred to as ‘grills’ and generally come in rectangular shapes. However, our bars have been developed with the latest technologies, and can be formed in many configurations and irregular shapes like arches and diamonds.

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Glass Types

Our manufacturer is not only known for producing high-quality frame profiles, but also for producing a large array of glass types. With new technologies and first-class testing facilities, our glass along with the frames that hold them, are always produced at the highest quality. This results in the possibility to produce curved edges and large glass packages with easy use and functionality, with absolutely no optical distortions.