I have triple glaze windows and doors (all of 2 story house). The best renovation decision I have made. Cut heating by half. Best looking windows/doors I have seen available in Australia. Quality is excellent. Blinds are also excellent. Service from Oknalux is also excellent. Highly recommended by very happy customer.


We live in Sydney and couldn’t praise Oknalux enough. While the team is based in Adelaide, we were able to communicate quickly and easily. Oknalux were very attentive to our needs, their pricing was incredibly competitive and conduct professional.

To finalise their quote, a team came up from Adelaide to Sydney to ensure our windows and doors were measured correctly and would manufactured to perfection. Oknalux were in constant communication with us regarding the progress of our order and happy to assist with any of our questions .

The Okanlux installation team came up from Adelaide to fit our windows and doors which was included in their quote. The installation went smoothly with incredible precision. The team were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Our windows and doors have been in for almost two weeks now and we couldn’t be happier. We have noticed the surrounding neighborhood noise diminish significantly. The house is so much warmer with minimal heating turned on inside and so much more light is able to enter the house without diminishing privacy thanks to the Oknalux blinds. We would wholeheartedly recommend Oknalux to everyone. Great product and team – thank you Oknalux!!